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Is a Dedicated Home Cinema Right for You? 6 Reasons to Consider?

  1. Living in the moment 

A movie is an experience created with a combination of sound and video. A setup that makes the set as actual as possible moves you into the movie. You will be able to understand the context of the movie and enjoy it better. Movies were not created to make you an audience, they are designed to make you part of them, to experience the weather, the mood and anticipation. You need to be immersed in the sound and video to be at the center of the action. 

  1. Never miss a thing 

Watching movie and music from our normal mid and large screen we miss a lot of detail. Our living rooms are not designed to deliver the home cinema experience. They are just living spaces whose decor and design maximizes comfort. Home cinema aggressively delivers what a movie was intended to deliver. First Home cinemas reduce reflections to enhance color and detail on the screen. Second and very critical is that sound in Cinema is designed to promote dolby atmos. Dolby atmos sound is designed to deliver sound to the audience in exactly the way producers intended. Some sounds should come from far, some are whispers right into our ears. From loud bangs of bombs to sharp hissing of snakes or faint breeze, home audio cinema ensures you don't miss a detail. 

  1. Comfort 

Home cinema designs are inspired by the fact that movies take long and some poses might be tiring or even unhealthy. The Screens height, seat design and position etc take into account that as you take hours to enjoy your videos, you need to remain comfortable and healthy. 

  1. Get the most 

It is common to find very sophisticated screen and audio equipment used in unfavorable environments and set - ups. Technology in audio and video equipment has advanced so much. We now have 4K HDR screens, some with the ability to play 3D content. Audio equipment with ability to play DTS X and dolby technologies. When set up poorly, owners of these equipment do not enjoy these technologies. They make a very big difference. 

  1. Be a boss 

Home cinema, especially the ones created by the tommies, are small smart houses. Instead of turning off the lights, pulling curtains, turning on the AC, you can do all that with one button. Just pressing once does everything you need. 

  1. Care for others 

If you love movies, you can agree with me that enough sound is vital to getting immersed in any movie experience. However, loud movies can disturb everyone else in the home. Home cinemas are designed with sound proof panels to ensure sound stays within the room. The soundproofing of home cinema also ensures that sound does not bounce off walls to create an unpleasant sound experience. 

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