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Fires, Flooding, Gas leakage, Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

The dangers to your safety may not always come from outside. Sometimes things that risk your safety are within, and when something starts to go wrong an early warning will go a long way to prevent a serious accident. Do you occasionally leave your gas valve open, have flooding that can cause electrical accidents, fires etc. These detectors will sense and alert you within the first few second. The flood sensor can be automated to cut the water supply to the house once flooding is detected.  

Smoke sensor in Nairobi 

Flooding sensor in Nairobi 

Gas leakage sensors in Nairobi 

Carbon Monoxide sensors in Nairobi 

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Protect your home from fires with a smart smoke sensor in Nairobi and anywhere else in Kenya. The sensor will send you a notification alerting your about possible fire. There are two kinds of Sensors. There are those that can be connected to your home security kit and the ones that can use wifi to send you an alert directly. 


The sensor will detect build up of the lethal Carbon monoxide gas in your room and warn you. Carbon monoxide is created by burning things like coal and charcoal in an unventilated room. Sometimes we forget and leave the charcoal burning and the gas starts to build up. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be tragic if not detected early.

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Avoid gas explosions, and gas fires by detecting gas leakage in your kitchen. This is the most serious accident you have have at home. Gas leakage sensors can either be attached to our home security system to report through them. The sensors can also be connected to wifi to send notifications directly through our Tuya and Smart Life apps. 


Sometimes a tap is left running and the whole house floods. What is interesting about flooding sensor in that it can be connected to a smart water valve that will automatically close once water is detected on the floor. If you are away from home, you wont even need to come home because the automations will solve everything about the problem.

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