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Smart Curtains

Smart Curtains can be operated using a remote, from your phone and through google voice assistant or Alexa. Smart curtains are very important for house designs that render some curtains unreachable especially the open living room design with the upper floor section omitted for the area only. The smart curtains can be schedules, set to close after some time and operated remotely. You can also have smart curtains to have better control of your home. With smart tommie's smart curtains you can open or close any curtain from the comfort of your bed or office. 

You can get a 4 meter  smart curtain at $280 but we recommend reaching us for accurate quotes. We have carried out smart curtain projects in various part in Kenya. 

Smart curtains require to be plugged to increase reliability hence the need to prewire or have pipes to one side of each window where we need to have a smart curtain. 

There are battery  wifi smart curtains and Zigbee curtains. We choose to use Zigbee curtains. You can also choose battery powered or plugged curtains. We choose plugged ones to increase reliability. However, as a client you can choose the variant you want.  

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