WHAT does Tommie's Smart Homes deal in?

Tommie's Smart homes is a Kenyan smart homes company that deals with installation of smart light systems, smart home power distribution board, smart curtain system, smart door locks, smart home Audio distribution unit, home theater, CCTV installation, home security system, smart Intercomm system, and smart school attendance system and creating smart home software like Home assistant and hubitat elevation.

What brands do you work with?

We work with many brands including Phillips Hue, Tuya, Klipsch, Marantz, Denon, Zemismart, and Russound.

I want a smart homes, where do I start?

You first decide what you want to automate, power distribution, lighting, music distribution, curtains, then we can visit the site and provide a quote.

What is the cost of setting up a smart home?

It is not simple to give a quote for a full smart home, but usually for a 4 bedroom house distribution of power goes to slightly over $2,000, audio distribution for same size is about $20,000, smart curtains costs about $300 per window, smart locks about $250 per lock. These prices are Kenyan prices for the devices.

Where is Tommie's Smart Homes based?

We are based at Biashara Plaza, near Bazaar. Office 19 at the third floor of the building. This is the building between Bazaar and Ufundi Co-op Plaza, along moi avenue. The building has a Cooperative Bank at the ground floor.

Do we do site visists?

We visit the site to converse with the client and understand what you need as a client.

What is your warranty?

We offer one to three years Warranty and free maintenance during the Warranty period for all devices we sell.

Do you install the smart devices you sell?

We install the devices at a small fee.

Why is Tommie's smart Homes the best home automation company?

Tommie's Smart Homes works very close with the client to deliver the client needs. We price our devices and installation costs reasonably to be accessible to most Kenyans. We remain responsible for systems we install throughout  warranty period and beyond.

Where has Tommie's smart homes done projects?

We have carried out smart home integrations in various parts of Kenya like Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Mombasa, Lavington, Langata, Utawala, and Karen in Nairobi.

What Smart home solutions do you have?

Tommie's Smart Homes does smart curtains, smart wiring for power distribution, smart home security system, smart lighting, smart vacuum cleaners, audio distribution for Dolby atmos, Home Cinema and  and many other smart solutions. 

Can I find your services in other regions of Kenya other than Nairobi?

We are available and have done several projects across Kenya. We can carry out a project is all the regions and towns of Kenya. 

What is your cost of smart curtains?

We like to talk to our customers first before giving quotes because wants and preferences are different from each other. You can request for a site visit, or phone call on the home page. 

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a home than has replaced traditional electronic devices with smart systems. Smart home systems helps in home automation where devices create an eco-system, they can talk to each other and carry out tasks based on communications with each other. For instance, curtains that close at sunset, lights that turn on when the window is open etc. Smart devices can also be remotely controlled. 

Why do people have smart homes?

People have smart homes to control their homes better. You can check what time your gate was opened and closed, unlock the door remotely, turn on your AC before you get home. Smart Homes increase security and safety, you will be notified incase of gas leakage. Smart homes make homes responsive, dim lights, change to your favorite color, turn off electricity for the kids to stop playing video games, etc. 

What is a smart power distribution board?

This is a smart consumer unit that controls all the lines that distribute power. You can literary turn on and off a whole line of power remotely. The system comes with other controls like using smart sensors to turn certain lines on or off. You can use temperature, motion, vibration, to operate certain lines of power. The system can be custom to provide power at only specific time of the day, or under certain conditions. 

What is a Home Cinema/theater?

This is a dedicated room for gaming, movies and music. It is designed to offer the highest quality of audio that exists i.e either dolby atmos or DTS X. The room is measured and configuration for sitting, projector, and speaker positions are done. It is then furnished with special theater seats. Lighting, acoustic treatment, and décor then follow.  There are many other factors that determine various integrations to the theatre to satisfy client needs but overall the room is designed to offer high quality sound , video and comfort.

Who owns smart homes?

Our clients range from young employed or business young men and women to long time home owners keen with renovations that will improve their lifestyle. There is a growing interest in smart home system. 

What is Home audio/video distribution?

Audio distribution is a means of sending audio of TV, Streaming service like Sportify or Itunes , Bluetooth and podcasts to various rooms. Instead of having a complete hometheater in every room, audio dist. ensures there are speakers in every room with a simple smart keypad or application to choose what to play on the speakers. The system plays different inputs for each room, at different volumes and with different settings. Smart home owners like to have piped music in their washrooms, music at their roof tops, music in the gym, bedroom and garden. 

What systems do you use?

There is no perfect one stop shop for all smart homes, what Tommie's does is go to all the brands and companies to assemble different packages for smart home systems and recommend the best to our clients. We, however, use the best systems in the market ranging from Tuya, Phillips Hue, lutron, Control 4, Hubitat, Russound and many others at different price levels.