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About Us


Our mission is to improve smart home adoption by pricing smart home upgrades and installations competitively and easing the access to the smart home systems and information.



Our vision is wide adoption of smart home technologies solving serious security, convenience and luxury needs of the future of real estate in Kenya.


                Our Story                 

Tommie’s Smart Homes was founded in January, 2021. The objective of the founder, Tom Kimai was to introduce the variety of technologies in the smart home industry to the Kenyan market. This is aimed at improving penetration of smart home technologies into Kenya. Our strategy is being a one stop shop for all home integration needs including smart devices, home surveillance, gate automation and home intercom.

 Our motivation and objective is to ease the process and cost of building smart homes. We believe that smart homes and IoT in general has great significance to what the new generation of home owners are looking for. The Tommie’s Smart Home team is comprised of electricians, interior designers and technician with strong dedication and passion for a close collaboration to ease the process and cost. Tommie’s smart homes is available in all towns across Kenya, like Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru and Naivasha. Instead of being rigid to specific and expensive brands, we are flexible to use different brands according to client demands and budget. We always focus on smart, simple and reliable devices as our guide.

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