Our Story

This is the first company in Kenya to offer smart home upgrade, installation and home automation. Smart homes is the use of smart devices to manage our homes. The devices that we use daily like lights, locks, air conditioning, speakers, water faucets, sockets, water heaters, etc., can be connected to the internet for easy management. When using smart devices, they can control each other based on conditions you have set for easy living. You can also control them on the phone. Since they have internet, they can be controlled from anywhere. Imagine Being in a business trip at New York and opening the door for your friends in Nairobi! The second very important service we offer is home security and safety. Smart devices have eliminated guesswork in home security and safety. You can be notified each time your door swings or can set up a system to close water gates each time flooding is detected on your floor. We were inspired by the need for control, security and convenience by young professionals and new home owners.  As the pioneers of smart home technologies, we are willing to work with stakeholders of real estate industry like interior designers, home owners and builders to modernize homes and increase practicality. Besides sale and installation, we offer consultancy and training to extend the knowledge of how these technologies can solve day to day home management problems.
What Tommie's smart homes does is listen to client needs. The needs vary from entertainment, security, safety, convenience, making tasks easy like watering gardens, commercial like apartment door bell system, farm management, estate alarm system, business premise security triggers etc. We will then discuss the set of devices we can use to create the system. We finally discuss about the costs, and carry out the job. We will maintain the system until the owner learns how to manage it.