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Home Cinema is a great way to enjoy movies and even music. Building a dedicated home cinema requires expertise especially with sound, choice and size of screen, seating arrangement and configurations, lights and set up. Tommie's smart homes will design the best home cinema for you and your budget. All you need to have is a room.



The screen size and distance from the first row is determined by the size of the room. Different room sizes have different configurations that consider the best sound and picture quality. This is among the initial stages of the design.


A home theater room can use different audio configurations. The most recommended is the 7.2.4 but still many others can be used and even 5.1 depending on the budget. The choice of the AV receiver is also critical  considering your need to enjoy dolby atmos or just a good dolby surround. These choices involves a professional configuration and choice of audio systems.

audio system.jpg


You would want to invest most on this as it is the core of the whole project. The question will start from whether you want a screen or a projector. If you intent to watch in 4K, Dolby vision and other video quality and dynamics. These will determine the kind projector you will need to have.


A home cinema room is typically dark, (Except the outdoor Cinema). It needs different modes of lighting to make it practical. A low lighting for safety is needed to guide people to the seats. A smart lighting is needed to optimize the cinema experience when synced which will depend on client needs.

home cinema.jpg

You can build a home cinema or home theatre room in Nairobi and Kenya at large. There are many technical factors and consideration that have not been explained above. Contact us for a free consultation and walk through if you ever considered to have dedicated home cinema room or home theater room.

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