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Smart Door Lock 

Smart lock provides a keyless entry to your home with wonderful abilities for remote unlock, instant notifications and a great designs that complements the high -end home exterior. 


A big glass finish lock with a great design .

Open Remotely 

Be able to open the lock from anywhere using your phone.

6 ways to open 

The lock can be opened through fingerprint, permanent pin, temporary pin, card, and key. 



A smart home must have a smart access system. The fingerprint unlock method makes the smart lock one of the most interesting smart home device. Tommie's smart locks can store up to 50 fingerprint that are scanned in less than 10 microseconds with a 0% failure rate. 


Permanent Pin 

The lock allows creating of a permanent pin. Once the pin is created, it will be used to open the lock indefinitely. This pin can however be deleted using our smartlife or tuya phone application. 


Temporary Pin 

Using your phone, you can create a temporary pin and set it to work within your specified time. For instance, you can set a pin to work within 7 am and 10  Am the next day. You can do this from anywhere in the world. 


Card Unlock

The lock comes with a card unlock like hotel locks. You can be able to register cards to open the lock. This also makes it a good airbnb lock, besides being able to give guests card to access the room, you will be getting instant notifications of user and time they accessed your house. 


Physical Keys

Smart locks have a back up of physical keys. The keys open the lock mechanically to allow access when the lock has been damaged. The lock however has various means of  solving low power issue in case the physical keys are out of reach. 


Remote Unlock

Our smart lock has a door bell functionality which when called, it will send a notification to your phone and allow the lock to be opened remotely. The lock will send an image to your phone of the person at the door. You can simply swipe on the phone to unlock the door.  

door lock 2_edited_edited.jpg
smart lock_edited.jpg

The smart lock is one of the most useful smart home devices to have. The wonderful design and functionality makes a home very convenient to access. It allows control by instant notifications and joins an incredible tuya smart home eco-system. 

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