Smart Locks 

Smart Locks are a critical part of smart home technology. The smart Locks we stock and install can be opened and closed remotely from the admin and users with permission. Some of the ways the lock can be operated include: 

1. Fingerprint- One of the most methods that makes a home have keyless entry. Tommie's smart locks can store up to 50 fingerprint that are scanned in less than 10 microseconds with a 0% failure rate. 

2. The lock can store permanent pins. This is also a way of managing the house without keys. The lock allows creation of a temporary pin from the phone. The temporary lock works within the time specified by the administrator like 2 minutes, 4 hours or a week. This is what makes smart locks the best for Airbnbs. 

3. Cards- just like hotels, the hotels can store upto 50 cards. 

4. Physical Keys - Smart locks can be accessed by physical keys as an extra layer of reliability. 

5. Our smart lock has a port for recharging with a power bank incase of of a dead battery therefore eliminating the possibility of the lock, locking the owner our. But before you are worried just know that. 

6. Tommie's smart Lock will take a minimum of 8 months for recharging. The battery will take months to require a recharge. 

Tommie's Smart Home has so far installed tens of Smart locks across Nairobi. We install locks at a small fee and offer a year long maintenance advice.