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Smart Cameras, CCTV Surveillance and 4G Cameras 

We offer both smart cameras and CCTV surveillance installation and sale. The service ranges from consulting, selection of the most effective cameras that are also budget friendly to installation and recommendation on the best possible means of making the most use of the cameras. We can pair the cameras with motion sensors, install rotating cameras and cloud footage storage to make files more secure. Tommie's Smart homes does not just install a cameras, we try to ensure the cameras installed will solve the problem you are trying to solve. 

CCTV cameras especially smart cameras that are our specialty use minimal or no wiring, facial recognition technologies, automatically rotating to provide monitoring, alerts, and for commercial purposes like selling cars from different car yards of the same company etc. 

We have launched the 4G camera too that will benefit people in rural areas without access to electricity and wifi. The camera will allow remote monitoring of your property using a 4G simcard and solar panel that comes with the camera. 

We also install Hikvision camera, and link them up to smart house system. We recognize the reliability of wired cameras in urban areas while appreciate and recommend the use of our Solar panel and 4G cameras for their convenience. 

Contact us to listen to your needs and provide a range of CCTV cameras and surveillance solutions. 

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CCTV surveillance Nairobi 

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