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Smart Vacuum Cleaners 

Smart vacuums is the most interesting part of smart homes. Smart vacuum are essentially robots. They can map the house and clean at either specific times or under specific conditions. The conditions can be like when lights are off or curtains are closed or a combination of both which indicate that no one is at home. The robot can clean surfaces like floor and carpet and avoid hitting obstacles. 

The smart vacuum exist in different types, those that use laser which are extremely accurate, those with emptying containers and others that have mops. The vacuum cleaners that have emptying containers can empty its trash alone and continue with cleaning. 

All the smart vacuum cleaners come with a charging station. They operate from the charging station, they clean and return to recharge to the recharging station. 

Smart vacuums can clean at specific time, whole house or certain spots when you want them to. Smart vacuum cleaners are best for houses with big open floors, with few occupants and people who have less time at home and for chores. Smart vacuum cleaners have great design, and very helpful smart devices that any smart home needs. 

The cost of a smart vacuum cleaners starts from $200 to $300 for the basic units, laser Smart vacuums can be bought at $350 to $700 while smart vacuum cleaners with emptying containers start from $800 upwards. These prices apply only to Kenya and all the regions of Kenya.
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