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Audio/Video Distribution

The audio and video distribution is a way of distributing audio throughout the house. Audio distribution is a way of enjoying music and podcasts throughout the house. Audio distribution allows enjoying audio and music from your washroom, bedroom, Gym, rooftop, Attic space and even balconies. The distribution allows you to join a number of zones to play same music for instance bedroom and washroom. It allows you to play something different in each room and at different volumes. What makes the system even more interesting is the ability to control each room (zone) from your phone, home dashboard or a keypad installed in each room. 

We have various options among them high end systems that will cost about $20, 000 to purchase and install for an 8 room (zone) house. This includes a Russound amplifier with a combination of Russound speakers or Klipsch, Sony and other high end brands. 

We have our DSPPA package which including everything for an 8 zone distribution will only cost $10, 000. The system has a smart mobile application, syncs very well with your door bell and Tuya for automations. 


The third option is smart  DSPPA independent amplifiers that can wirelessly sync with each other to create a multiroom audio distribution. Due to their wireless connection they reduce the cost per room to about $550, and reduce wiring needed to be done to a house. 

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