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Smart Power Distribution System

The Smart Distribution system is a ingenious way of making power Distribution Smart. For large homes, we install a Tommie's controller into the distribution unit which can be connected to the phone and computer through wifi. Our biggest controller has 32 channel, meaning you can control32 different channels. What we do is we dedicate each channel to a group of user -end points we want to control as a group. If you are using an 8 channel controller you can dedicate the channels to a cooker, living room lights, kitchen lights, first bedroom lights, first bedroom sockets, outdoor lights etc. Then you can control the outlets separately including scheduling, countdown, turning on and off remotely. 

The controller can also be used to automate appliances like fireplace, fan, security lights, the gate, swimming pool heater, etc. This is because our controller in addition to remote access from the phone, it comes with a remote control to turn on and off for each channel. 

The controller simplifies power distribution automation to a great extent for clients looking for a cheaper way to automate their lights. The other advantage of the system is that the switch system of the control, if a client wishes to adopt it, can handle multiple switches for the same zone. For example a living room with four exits can have 5 switches controlling the same lights zone comfortably. 

The controller has digital inputs that can help to set up power responses according to certain sensors. The controller, for instance, can have a temperature sensor which will turn on fireplace if temperature drops below a certain mark, or turn on the whole compound lights if motion is detected. It can even have safety sensors like a smoke sensor to turn of the whole consumer unit when fire is detected. 

The controller will only cost an extra $500 to acquire which is substantially  cheaper than automation of light system using a combination of smart lights, smart switches and smart sockets. 


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