Apartment Security

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

The security issue of apartments in Kenya is a serious issue. Every day there are reports of break ins when tenants are at work and sometimes when they are at home. Thieves in virtually every case gain entry to the apartment in the pretense that they are tenants. Apartment owners have tried to solve this by locking doors but eventually the people find a way to go round. It is surprising that this kind of theft has happened even in actively protected regions of Nairobi and gated Estates. \

The solution lies in how people are allowed into the apartment. Smart solutions ensures that the doors are automatically locked. Then comes the big part. First, there is a video intercomm that can be connected to the lock. This system work like this, a guest rings a bell of a specific apartment in the building. The apartment receives the ring but with a live video of the person ringing the door. They can then allow them in by unlocking the door by the system provided.

The other way is tenants and apartment owners installing the sensors themselves, and video cameras. Video camera is just a surveillance tool and it will not be effective besides just reviewing how a theft happened at your home. Sensors are very effective because they send alerts in real time when triggered. The smart way of home security is when a trigger sends a notification to the security official in the estate so that they can respond in real time. The presence of a person to call for back up or manning video camera is a major set up at stopping an active crime. This is a system that we can design.

Finally, when you have a system that can try to do something before back up arrives you increase chances of reducing the damage the thief would have done. Smart security combines an alarm and flashing lights, to scare the thief. The system can be set such that when motion is detected, hallways or front lights light up to create an impression someone is at home. Smart security system increases security many times, and does something to stop an active crime process as to opposed to traditional systems.

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