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Tuya Zigbee Smart Home Automation Hub

Tuya Zigbee Smart Home Automation Hub

  • 【2 Modes in 1 Gateway】Support Bluetooth mesh (SIG) + Zigbee3.0 multi-protocol communication. Just 1 gateway can adapt to different devices.
  • 【Support 128 Devices】 Support up to 128 Tuya smart home devices, such as Bluetooth Door Lock, ZigBee Leak Detector, Bluetooth Finger, Zigbee Intelligent TRV Controller, Bluetooth Thermometer, ZigBee Window Gate Sensor, etc.
  • 【Voice & App Remote Control】 No matter where you are, you can control smart devices through the Smart Life App on your mobile phone. Support voice control of Alexa, Google home.
  • 【Safety Multi-Function】 Support Local Scenario / Support Local Automation / Support Security Function and be integrated into the Tuya Security Saas Platform.
  • 【Note & Warranty】 Supports Tuya ZigBee 3.0 / BLE / 2.4GWIFI (Not 5G). Only supports Tuya devices and Smart Life App. Include full 2-years warranty and 30-day refund guarantee for complete.
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