The Future of Smart Security System (Central Monitoring System)

We have been installing smart home security kits for a few months now. They have done a tremendous job at improving both home and business security, confidence and monitoring. But we got this question repeatedly, “What if I do not have the ability to handle the emergency?” And yes of course, many clients will not have the ability to handle fires, forced intrusions because they are not armed, they are away from the premise or they will not even notice the emergency message coming in. In the next few months we will be launching a security kit that will solve this problem. This goes to all property developers, large estate managers and business owners looking for a more reliable security and emergency response.

First of all, our kits solved the first problem about break ins and intrusion. The need for Human presence, a security personnel, employee of home occupant to experience, learn of or suspect an emergency situation. Security companies have been setting a panic button that has to be pressed by a person for them to respond. But what if no one is at home? And you do not have security personnel. In fact we have very many incidents where security persons manning premises are compromised or over- powered which is easy for any determined intruder. We solved these challenges by a kit that could detect an intrusion, all by itself and raise an alarm. It can call the administrator, and let any responsible person know of the intrusion in real time, but what if the owner is not capable, does not have the right ‘connections’ at that moment?

This is a system that has been tested and works in Western countries. Police and private security can respond to an emergency, mostly fire and break ins, without even the knowledge of the home or business owner. The most important part of connecting your security kit to a CMS is having the right people for the emergency and responding to it.

The system is ready to be applied to buildings with several units or a large estate. In this case the centralized security office can be in touch with all the businesses and offices within a complex and will be able to respond to individual security and safety demands on time. The best case for this solution is a business or office complex with high stealth security demands. It reduces the number of security guards but increases how fast and easy it is to detect and notify security of an incident.

For individual homes, we are working on partnering with security companies for emergency response and live monitoring of the CMS. Our CMS will greatly improve the capacity of a security company to manage more homes while at the same time reduce the cost of hiring a security company. This is a win for both clients looking for cheaper but effective security and a security company looking to expand its business.

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