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Safety and Convenience

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

One of the biggest use of home automation devices is to improve safety at home. Safety issues can be created by pipe leakage to cause flooding, gas leakage, carbon monoxide build -up, smoke and fire, high humidity, temperature, etc. Home automations can help to reduce the discomfort that comes with such kind of issues. These are things many households in Nairobi need. It may sound as fictional but Kenya is very ripe for full home automations.

Smart Homes Kenya has all these devices and what is more is that they are not individually controlled. Most of the devices do more than one job, for instance, nest smoke sensors at night become soft lights when they detect motion. These devices can communicate with each other like the humidity can start to work when temperatures are higher than a certain point you set, the vacuum cleaner can be set to only clean at 2:00 am when everyone is sleeping etc. These devices can operate on their own, carry out commands, manage risks and have soft alerts. \

Smart homes in Kenya should be equipped with Wifi Mesh systems. The wifi mesh provides ways you can use your wifi in the house comfortably. First, it eliminates dead zones, your whole house get well covered. Secondly, you can prioritize who will use the internet and who will not at any time. If you give your bedroom priority, everyone else will use the internet after you, the devices will first serve you so that you dont have to struggle to share internet. The device can monitor what your children are browsing and you can be able to control how they access the internet. Because they are smart, you can just say to your speaker, "switch off the internet for my daughter" and just like that the mesh will block your daughter's phone from using wifi. We can go on and on but convenience and safety are taken to the next level with home automation.

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