Smart Homes in Kenya

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

What many people in Nairobi should realize is that they already have a smart device at home. If you have android TV set then you have started building your smart home. You just need to add few things an the home will start working for you. Smart homes Kenya can create various systems that we will first mention and explain in detail later.

Smart homes can be used to manage homes of elderly parents elsewhere. You can use them to improve their home security and safety. They can be used to manage your farm, monitor the farm, irrigate, light, check temperature for green house gases and in some cases even adjust the temperature remotely. Therefore it does not matter you have a Farm in Nakuru or Nanyuki you can manage it quite well.

All the residents of the hot counties of Kenya like Coast, residents of Mombasa and Kisumu can really use the smart thermostats.

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