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Airbnb Hosts, Keeping your Apartments Safe

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

I will be writing this as a directly to furnished apartment owners, Airbnb hosts and even hoteliers. This is about solutions to problems that arise from offering full apartments to your guests. Once you hand over the keys to your guest, between that moment and check out, you do not know anything about the house or apartment. There could be water leaks, there could be minor fires, appliances overheating etc. Many things can go wrong but you will not be able to know about that soon enough. All guests come from homes, and good homes looking for a different experience. A good host should be able to offer something more than just a home. You do everything to make the experience pleasing. I present to you mind blowing ways you will be able to keep your house safe, monitor the state of everything (no video camera) and improve the experience in these homes.

Smart devices are various sensors and devices with the ability to sense when things go wrong and automatically shut down. The sensors will not raise an alarm within the apartment, they will send a notification to the owner informing them of a possible fire, water leakage, heating, or carbon monoxide build up in the house during overheating. The host can then call the guest to confirm if everything is okay.

Though we prefer to discuss needs first before designing solutions, here are some devices that can be of help to you. We have smart smoke and Carbon monoxide sensors. Both of them come with a dim light that is activated with motion. So that when it is late at night, they provide a soft light for someone who doesn't want to use room lighting. These sensors do not have an alarm that can scare guests, they will send notifications with room number to the host when they are triggered. Smart plugs can also help protect your appliances. They can be set to send alerts if something is disconnected from the power as a anti- theft measure. They also can be set to respond to the temperature build up. If the plug becomes too hot, it will automatically cut the electricity supply. Finally, you can track your guest power or water usage, how many liters they used or if it's power how much power they are using, maybe they are being wasteful etc. Smart plugs or a smart system can allow hosts to switch off power and water when the guest is not inside, which can happen manually or automatically.

Smart devices generally improve the security of rooms like alarms when a door is forced open. Experience can be improved by smart lighting with different modes like romantic, music, sleep etc and 16 million colors to choose from. Smart homes can also help manage your property by tracking how much power the whole facility uses, extending wifi, putting cameras that a owner can view anywhere they are and above all a garden watering system that works with a schedule. Smart technologies provide a whole new set of possibilities, you will just dream about it, and we will make it a reality.

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