How to Make a Home Cinema in Nairobi with a Small Budget.

How to Make a Cheap Home theater/Cinema?

A dedicated home cinema might not feel like something that you need to have. Many home cinemas realized just how enjoyable a dedicated cinema room was. But what makes it even more disinteresting is the cost of setting up. A home cinema can range from a few hundreds of thousands to millions in Kenya shillings in setting it up. Well, I am here to assure you that with a small budget, you can have an amazing dedicated room to set up a cinema room.


A cinema room needs space. You can use a bedroom you no longer use, the attic space or a separate servant quarters. If you don't have an extra room, you can think about incorporating it into your living room or making an outdoor dedicated cinema space. Do you want to determine if your room is viable for a home cinema, submit the measurement of your room here.

Decor, Acoustic treatment, and furniture

The order of installation does not follow the order we are using for this article. We have an indoor space, what next. If you are using a dedicated cinema room for a sitting space of 5 people, you just need five seats right? You will spend about 70, 000 for the seats. To minimize the expense of interior design and decor, you can use wall papers, and ceiling wall papers. Choose dark colors to reduce reflection on our screen. Later we will pick like four of the ksh 4, 000 art pieces sold in the streets to treat acoustics in the room. You might need some improvisations to soundproof the room. For the living room and outdoor theaters dont worry about decor. Maybe little acoustic treatment for the guys in the living room. Why is acoustic treatment important, find out here.


This is as important as the screen. We need a very good sound at a very low cost. I have come across a pioneer 5.1 at 43, 000, or 7.2 sony for 48, 000. 7.2 configuration is more than enough especially for the later AVR with dolby surround and up to 7 HDMI in ports. We can get speakers locally or buy at a total of ksh30, 000. The AVR, some wiring and speakers, the audio budget can be capped comfortably at ksh 90, 000. For bigger configurations, dolby atmos sounds and advanced systems talk to the guys here.

Screen and Projector

This is the main thing. With a small budget, aim for a smaller screen but a bigger resolution. The screen for an indoor cinema can use the wall. Fine painted wall can act as a good screen combined with good lighting. The guys who need a theater outdoors will have to spend a little more on the screen. You have to buy a screen that does well outdoors. You can call me or go to this website, they will get you a nice screen.

The projector is everything about a theater. I have spotted a ksh 140, 000 Epson projector in Nairobi CBD that can get the work done. The projector can sit 3.8 meters throw distance, and be able to project a 120 inch screen, assuming a poor screen gain of 0.8 we will still be able to achieve 45 foot lamberts, just enough for 4K, 1080 and HDR images in the darkened room. We will stretch the budget of the outside guys a bit and not compromise screen gain to achieve 50 foot lamberts.


You need the normal lights for the budget theater. So no budget for lights. You don't need an AV rack, just put a small stand for your equipment at the side of the screen. Technically, you can now connect your android, apple, or any other console and enjoy your movie. We have used less than ksh 300, 000 and achieved a 4K cinema room of 120 Inch screen and a dolby surround of 7.2 configuration. This is more than enough for a low budget cinema room! If you want to know more, contact us through our website.

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