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Are Emerging technologies expensive and Unnecessary?

Are smart technologies expensive? Many people would believe very easily that they are too expensive. Well, they are actually depending on your perspective. Smart things whether it is in medicine, security, or any field, are relatively expensive to acquire. They are a little confusing too to install and utilize their full potential. But, this might not be the true picture of the cost of new technologies. The advancement in medicine, technology, security, education and many other fields is trying to use the big data available to integrate artificial intelligence making machines have brains in a simple definition . These integrations have led to development of new versions and generations of machines that are expensive but solve complex problems.

The perspective we avoid is the cost of the problems these machines are solving. Last year (2021) Hikvision launched a new generation of security cameras taking advantage of big data and AI to improve their ability to identify humans among cars, track them and read number plates. The cameras could report the color and sometimes design of clothes, hair style and other physical features of a person. They can be programmed to raise an alarm if a specific number plate is detected. Obviously, the cost of these cameras is maybe 10 times the standard cameras we want to use to man our business locations. But you see the sense here, you can manage security far much better with this technology, so again are new technologies expensive?

The even bigger question is if we really need these technologies. I will continue with the blog later but let me use a personal story to explain my point. Sometime in the year 2020, my four year old took a very early nap, at 4 PM. I knew something was wrong and prepared my insurance cards. Half an hour later the young man was vomiting all over. We rushed to the hospital and after a few questions - it was carbon monoxide poisoning. Do I really need a carbon monoxide sensor? We find difficulty embracing new things, things that may be great solutions to our daily living. It is time perhaps from a perspective shift. Instead of thinking that something is overly complex, research and learn how it could help you. There is nothing being an early adopter of technology, in any case, you gain more experience, makes your life much easier and saves you money actually.

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