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A kenyan smart home showing all available automatios from Tommie's smart homes.

              CONTROL          CONVINIENCE          COMFORT          SAFETY                SECURITY          EFFICIENCY 

We offer smart homes security system, and  burglary alarms. The security system are made up for motion, contact, vibration sensors and siren. The GSM alarm system will call you, send you a text message and sound the alarm with strobe lights. In the future we will be able to create Central Monitoring System for the security kits.  Read More. 

Our smart home systems are compatible with both google and Amazon Alexa Voice assistants. You can be able to give voice commands to the systems, for example "Alexa, turn on the water pump." . You can start giving commands through your phone. Read More.

We do install KNX system which is a wired smart homes technology for commercial and domestic purposes. KNX is a future proof wired system that guarantee reliability on various automations. A smart homes systems that can be used for hotels too.  Read More

We design and install audio and video systems for the best music, and movie experience. We also build dedicated home cinema/theater. We deal with a range of brands in audio and video systems to deliver Dolby atmos, surround and DTS X sound. Tommie's smart homes works with brands as the Klipsch, Russound, Control4,  and our DSPPA line of audio systems. Read More

The smart home intercom system we install help in crowning a smart home. Intercoms should not only act as video phones, they can be used to open the gate or door, control all other smart devices in the house. The intercom we install doubles up as smart home control panel for lights, curtains, gate, cameras, music, security system. We already have smart homes in Kenya with intercom as these. Read More. 

Smart homes offer ability to control anything in your home from anywhere in the world. This is not limited to unlocking doors, closing curtains, turning water supply off, watering your garden, switch off the main switch through a smart breaker and many things. You can set processes to happen on their own or you can manually control them from anywhere on the planet! Read More. 

Phone showing a smart home dashboard
Smart Power Distribution System

Smart Power Distribution 

We have rolled out a smart power Distribution system that controls power distribution from the consumer unit. You can turn off and on your lights from your phone, or computer. You can cut power to any user end point, whole rooms, machines etc. The system involves installing one or more controllers in the Distribution Box. This is the best automation to use when targeting low cost smart home for personal or commercial use.  Kindly contact us for more information. 


When you want to do a series of commands like open curtains, turn on lights, turn on water pump, arm the security system, etc. in a smart home you only need one switch. You can have a switch called "Good Morning" that will do a series of actions that you need done in the morning. You can also have an exit button that closes the curtains, cut power supply to your multimedia equipment, arm your house, etc. when you leave. The ability to create a switch that does a series of actions and be able to always customize it is one of the strengths of a smart home. 

Smart Switch for a Smart Home
Smart thermostat for a Smart Home


Have you considered changing your thermostat to a smart thermostat? Smart thermostats form part of an office, organization, big establishment, or smart home eco-system. Smart thermostats can be operated from the phone, reducing the hassle of going from office to office turning them off when everyone has left. The smart thermostat can be operated remotely and scheduled to help conserve power. Smart thermostats can be set to automatically change settings responding to outside weather, humidity, and temperature. Smart thermostats are a big hack to our smart home air conditioning system. 


Ignore the striking designs of these locks that are not matched anyway were we only to compare aesthetics of the smart locks and traditional locks. Smart locks can do wonderful things in your smart home. They do not only lock your home; they can switch on your lights, turn on the thermostat, stop the vacuum cleaner. Smart locks can be unlocked by fingerprints, pin, remotely using smart life application or key. Some have a video camera! We recommend that new home owners consider using smart locks. The model shown here costs ksh20, 000. Visit our shop at Biashara Plaza to see how they work.

Smart Door Lock for a Smart Home
Home Security and safety kit


Safety is a major concern in homes. Injuries and destruction of property may result from fire, Carbon monoxide poisoning, water flooding and gas leakage. Whether you are home or away, these smart sensors including the smart smoke sensor, gas leak sensor, carbon monoxide sensor and water leak or flooding sensors will take care of your home and notify you each time they are triggered. It is a genius way of taking care of your children and property even when you are away from home.

Smart Home Cinema done by Tommie's Smart Homes


Home audio distribution starts from your Living room. We can help design the best set up to achieve the best audio experience for movies, music and gaming. Audio distribution also includes installing amplifiers to send music to varies zones of the home.  Home audio distribution includes gym music, bedroom and washroom ceiling speaker, attic piped music, and other entertainment areas. Audio distribution enables each zone to have a simplified keypad to control each room separately. This can also be done from your phone. Audio distribution allows users in different rooms to play different music, sync the rooms, play the same music at different volume and reduces the hustle of buying setting up music system for each room.

When building a home cinema room, there are many factors to consider like room sound proofing, projector, screen size, light automation, sound etc. We work with clients to design the most suitable cinema room for the best experience. Our home audio and video distribution will allow you to play different music in different rooms or the same music across few or all rooms.


Smart home technologies extend to home plants. Do you sometimes forget to water your plants? we have devices that can be customized to water your plants at very specific intervals. You will never worry about watering the plants again.

We also offer solutions to automatically regulate and monitor a garden or green house temperature, and humidity and same time automate irrigation. From your smart phone you will be able to irrigate a garden, check and regulate humidity and temperature of a green house or animal farm.

Smart Garden application of smart home technologies

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